Modpack (v2.2.1.1)

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Modpack (v2.2.1.1)

Dynamic Trees + Dynamic Trees BoP

New Features:
- Soil blocks are now defined through Tree Packs.
- Drop creators are now defined through Tree Packs, allowing customization of tree drops.
- Updated Patchouli manual to 2nd edition
- Built-in integration with Better Weather seasons. - preferredSeasonMod config option for selecting which season provider should be used.
+ Added mega jungle trees to jungle biomes
+ Added alternativeLeavesGenFeature
+ Added randomPredicateGenFeature
Bug Fixes:
- Minor bug fixes
Fixed crash with DT Traverse due to bush gen features not having a default property value.Tree Pack Changes: - Added can_craft_sapling_to_seed and can_craft_seed_to_sapling properties to Species for individual control over automatically generated recipes.
Fixed secondary leaves chance property not being registered to bush gen feature.
Fixed NoSuchElementException when generating a conifer topper.
- Fixed palm type trees not rendering correctly sometimes
- Fixed trunk shell blocks sometimes staying behind when chopping down thick trees
- Fixed crash with Dynamic Trees Beta 21
- Removed vanilla leaves connecting to dynamic trees
- Reverted growPulse command to work instantly again
- Updated to work with Dynamic Trees beta18

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